Friday, 20 January 2012


When people talk about concealer’s they usually on about ones that can cover dark circle’s. When I talk about concealer’s I am usually looking for ones that can cover blemishes. The current ones I am using at the moment are the Mac Select Cover up in NW20. I find this to blend easily and cover’s my blemishes. And it also seems to last all day which is a blessing. I also find the Bobbi Brown Face Touch up Stick in Ivory works really well too. But as it’s a stick concealer I use a small concealer brush to apply to my skin as I find it would be abit unhygienic.

I’ve always been tempted to try the Laura Mericer Secret Camouflage concealer as I’ve heard
wonderful things about it. Has anyone tried this? How has it worked for you? Are there any other concealers you have tired that have worked well ? Let me know :) x

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  1. Hey lovely, its only right that i am your first follower :) I have it and i really love it. I do really like mac pro longwear for spot coverage too x