Sunday, 13 May 2012

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge

This has been a lust of mine for awhile. Its constantly wining awards for best blusher and a must have for celebs Make-Up bags. I have wandered past my local Bobbi Brown counter so many times thinking "should I or shouldn't I" But while out wandering at lunch time I decided to go for it and bought myself a little pot.

I was struggling to decide what colour to choose so the kind SA offered to test afew colours on me to see which one suited me best. The blushes come in a great range of colours so it was hard to pick. In the end the colour I went for was Powder Pink 

I have used several brands of creme blusher but this one has definitely taken the top spot. Its so creamy and blends like a dreams. It leaves you with a lovely dewy finish on your skin. You can build up the colour of the blush so you can decide if you want a light or a more fuller colour.

With other creme blushes I have found that the colour doesn't tend to last that long. It usually disappears after a couple of hours. With this one I've found it last
nearly all day. I very rarely have to touch up.

Not only can you use this on your checks you can also use it on your lips. I have to be honest, when I've tried this I wasn't really impressed. It did provide a glossy lip colour but it didn't last for long. The colour soon disappeared after eating and drinking. I think I will stick to my usual gloss.

All in all I love this blusher. Can't believe I have waited sooo long to buy it. This have definitely found a permanent place in my Make-Up bag.

Have you ever tried this blush? What did you think? Are there any other creme blushes you have used and liked? Let me know :) xx

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