Sunday, 27 May 2012

cor silver soap - one week on

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the lovely sunshine? Fingers crossed it stays like this for my little trip to Manchester later in the week.

If you remember a week ago I stated to use the cor silver soap as my skin has just been awful recently. I had heard good reviews about this product but I didn't want to get my hopes up so I started using this with an open mind.

I purchased the 10g (trial size) and I have been using this morning and night for the past week and I probably have another week and a half left of the soap. I would definitely recommend that if you're wanting to try this then get the trial size to make sure this is for you.

I was worried at first using this as I have found some soaps really dry out the skin but this isn't like your normal soaps. This contains ingredients which helps even out the skin tone, reduces the appearance of sun spots and pore size.

I lathered up the soap and massaged it into my skin. I carefully worked it into the area which is causing me the most concern, my chin and jaw. For best results it recommends that you leave the soap on your skin to settle and soak in for about a minute . I did this morning and night. After I had used the cor I followed with toning and moisturising.

The Results
Hmmm, I have to say I am still on the fence about this. Since using it I have found that I haven't been getting as many spots, but I'm still getting some. The spots I did have before using this have reduced in size but haven't really disappeared. And I haven't really seen an improvement in my skin tone.

I still have some of the cor soap left so I think I will continue to use this until its all gone. I'm still hoping that this will improve my skin but if I can't really see an improvement I don't think I will be re-purchasing and my search for a good cleanser will continue.

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