Sunday, 10 June 2012

Recent Purchases

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend? Can't believe how much the weather has changed in the past couple of weeks. The other week we were having lovely sunny days and now you can't go out without ending up looking like a drowned rat!!!

So to cheer myself up because of all the bad weather, I have treated myself to afew little treats.

Estee Lauder Daywear Oil-Free Moisturiser - I love the non oil-free version of this moisturiser but as I have oily/combination skin, it didn't really do anything for my skin. When I saw that they had released an oil-free version I knew I had to have it. 

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Oil Free - This is a product I've had on my wish list for a while. It is quite expensive and alot more than I would normally pay for a primer but its gets such good reviews and awards its something that I knew I had to have. 

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Oil Free - As its getting towards summer and hopefully nice sunny weather, I don't really want to wear a full face of  foundation. After reading reviews on what tinted moisturiser was best this came out top. And being oil free its perfect for me.

Garnier Pure Active Spot-On Roll-On and Origins Super Spot Remover - I've been experimenting recently on different spot treatments. These are the latest ones to add to my collection. The Garnier Spot-On Roll-On claims to help fight spots and fade marks. The Origins Super Spot Remover always gets good reviews from other bloggers so I thought I would give it a go. Plus it comes in a cute little bottle :)

MUA Love Heart Lip Balms - When I first saw these released afew months back I wanted them straight away. Unfortunately, every Superdrug I went into never ever had them. Finally when I was in Manchester the other week I popped into Superdrug and there they were. I think I actually ran, picked them up and went straight to the till. Only trouble is I think they are too nice to use!!!

What do you think of my recent purchases? Have you used any of them? Let me know :) xx


  1. I cant find those lip balms anywhere! <3 them

    x x

    1. It took me ages to find them. Must be selling them in certain Superdrugs. You are able to get them online :)