Monday, 16 July 2012

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Hey Guys,

Recently I have been thinking that my skin needs an extra boost as it hasn't been in the best condition  recently. I've been feeling abit run down and unfortunately my skin has suffered :(

After reading other blogs and reviews one product that seemed to get mentioned quite alot and that was the Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

It's enriched with natural glycolic acid which helps promotes brighter, smoother looking skin and improves the appearance of skin.

How to use
You use this as a toner and apply after you have cleansed BUT you apply it on alternating nights, not every night like you would do a usual toner. Once you have applied it using a cotton wool pad that's it. DO NOT apply anything else to your face. To get the full benefit of this product, its recommended that you do not apply any serums or moisturisers after. For me this is the hardest bit. It feels really alien not applying a serum, moisturiser and then a spot treatment. But if the reviews are anything to go by then these are definitely worth sacrificing to make this work.

I have used this twice since I got it through the post the other day and I think I can already see abit of a difference in my skin. It might only be abit of an improvement but I'm thinking positive things about this product.

I purchased the Alpha-H (supersize 200ml) from the QVC website. At the moment it is priced at £36.76, which is really good considering the 100ml size is around £28.00, and is currently on free p&p. The best thing about QVC is that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, even if you have used it. So you are unsure about this then I would recommend purchasing this from them.

Have you used Alpha H Liquid Gold and what did you think? Let me know :) xx

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