Sunday, 15 April 2012

Make-up Brush Holder

Hey everyone,

I've been on the hunt for a nice Make-up brush holder to keep all my brushes nicely tidied away and on a recent shopping trip to Home Bargains I came across this little make-up brush holder that seems like it could do the job for the time being. At just 99p its a real steel!! 

It has 6 large holders on the outside to keep your larger your brushes like foundation and powder brushes and 6 smaller holders on the inside to keep smaller brushes like lip and eye brushes. You can easily fit up to 3 brushes in the lager holders so this can quite easily hold quite afew brushes altogether.

The only thing that I would improve on with the holder is that I wish the height of the holders was higher. I find that when you put only one brush in the larger holders its not stable and sometimes they fall out. 

Brushes more stable with more
than one brushes in one holder

Brushes not as stable with
one brush in one holder

I think this is a nice brush holder for the money but I'm still on the hunt for that perfect holder. What do you think of this holder? Can you recommend a place where I could pick up a nice brush holder? Let me know :) xx

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