Monday, 23 April 2012

Soap & Glory Hand Food

I first got my tube of Hand Food at Christmas from my BF sister. I was so happy when I saw it as I had been always tempted to try it but just never got round to doing so.

The first thing you notice is the lovely pink tube design. As a fan of all things pink and girly this ticked all the boxes straight away. You can’t help put want one!! I squeeze about a 5 pence size amount of the cream onto the back of my hand, as this is where I seem to have the most dryness, and rub it in between both hands. From there I work it in into the rest of my hands.

The thing you notice is how quickly your hands become sooo soft. Straight away it provides an instant relief to dry hands. The cream sinks into your hands and doesn’t leave them feeling greasy afterwards like I have found with other hand creams. The softness feeling and the lovely floral and fruity fragrance lasts all day. It even comes in a smaller tube so you can even keep one in your bag!! You can pick one up from the Soap & Glory website for £4.85 or from or Boots stores for £5.00. It’s a definite bargain and is has replaced my usual expensive hand cream. 

Have you tried this hand cream and what did you think? Would you recommand any other Soap & Glory products. Let me know :) xx

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