Friday, 10 August 2012

My new Make-Up storage

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone has had a nice week. At long last it is sunny, yey!! Hopefully this will continue into next week. I have finally got a week off work.

I mentioned in my last post that I popped into WH Smith the other day to  pick up a new Make-Up storage box. I've been after one for a while and when I saw this I wanted it immediately. Its a lovely black and white floral design and has enough drawers for me to put my Make-up in.

It has 3 smaller drawers on the top row, 2 medium size drawers in the medium row and one large draw at the bottom. Here is what I put in each drawer;

Top row of drawers

First drawer - Lipsticks
Second drawer - Lip gloss and lip balms
Third drawer - Concealers

Second row

First drawer - Blushers and powders
Second drawer - Foundations

Bottom Drawer

Eye make-up and primers

I am loving my new Make-up storage box. Really glad I brought it. It stores my Make-up away neatly and its now easier to find things. No more hunting around for my Make-Up. 

What do you think of my Make-up storage? How do you store your Make-up? Let me know :) xx

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  1. Looks so lovely and organised! I should probably move my makeup into drawers, it looks great. Love that cupcake-thingy :)