Saturday, 17 March 2012

Shopping In Leeds


On Friday I managed to get the day off work and decided to go for a shopping trip to Leeds with my sister. The main reason for going is because I wanted to get my hands on the MAC MSF Natural powder. We don't have a MAC counter in York so as soon as we arrived in Leeds I headed straight to the Harvey Nic's  store. Unfortunately, when I got to the MAC counter and picked the shade I wanted I was told it was out of stock!! :( I think I will have to order it on-line.

Fortunately the trip wasn't a wasted journey. I did manage to pick up afew things. From Primark I got these lovely blouses for £8 each. I couldn't decide between the two colours so I got both! I already have this scarf in a black and peachy colour but I  loved the style in this colour so it went straight in my basket. £3

From New Look I got these great Toms style pumps. At £6.99 I thought they were a great price and their sooooo comfy.  

The best thing about the trip was I managed to get my hands on the Sleek blusher in Rose Gold!! I have wanted this colour for ages and everytime I had gone into my local Superdrug it was always out of stock. When I popped into the Superdrug in Leeds I noticed the SA filling up the Sleek stand. I must have pushed past people to see if there was any Rose Gold blusher and there was!!! I have a feeling this could be my new favourite blusher! :) xx

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