Friday, 30 March 2012

Real Techniques Brush

After hearing such good reviews on the Real Techniques brushes I thought I would give them ago myself. The first one I thought I would try is the Strippling Brush.

I kinda got this for free really as I had enough Boots points on my card to buy it so it made my day. :)

I have been using the brush for about 2 weeks and all I can say is WOW. My foundation looks sooo much better. Compared to my other foundation brush I was using, this takes half the time to apply and the results are amazing.

I've been using the Real Technique brush to apply my Estee Lauder Double wear foundation. I've found that you only need to dab the brush into the foundation abit as a little goes a long way. The brush holds the foundation really well and you can apply the foundation to your whole face without having to keep on dapping your brush into the foundation to pick up any more. When I have used a traditional foundation brush, I usually find myself having to dip the brush back into the foundation as the brush seems to soak up all the liquid and isn't able to apply to in one go.

What I also think is great about this brush is that its really lightweight. Compared to the Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 Brush this is soo much lighter. While I liked the Sigma brush, my hand used to ache after I had applied my foundation. I found it too heavy. What also makes it a cut above the rest is that the bristles are not that long when compared to other Stippling brushes. By having shorter bristles you can really buff in the foundation, powder etc, where as when the bristles are longer your can't really blend and buff at all with it and the results aren't half as good.

This brush is just sooo brilliant. If you haven't got one then you need one in your life!!!

You can buy them from and in Boots stores for £11.99 or from

I'm now tempted to try the other Real Techniques brushes after having such good results with this one. Can anyone recommend what my next Real Techniques brush purchase should be? :) xx

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